Hard-wearing and low-maintenance: Today's sports surfaces must be both

Theatre presentations, the Christmas party or a circus skills workshop – sport halls are not just for sports any more. Which sports flooring is best suited for which sports hall depends on who is planning to use it – dancers need a different fitness floor than volleyball players. The selection of indoor floor coverings is broad, each with special properties and made from various materials, such as parquet, PVC, rubber and linoleum. Polytan can provide three different kinds of seamless PUR synthetic coatings.

Durable and versatile – Polytan indoor floor coverings

Due to its special structure, Polytan indoor sports flooring protects athletes against injuries and physical overload, whether it is used for school sports, in children’s gymnasiums or international indoor tournaments. Polytan has developed three systems with sealed PUR coatings, which ensure the highest possible level of sport functionality: GYM Point, GYM Area and GYM Combi. These systems differ primarily in terms of their elasticity and are divided into point elastic, area elastic and combined elastic systems. All three variants have a robust and low-maintenance surface finish, as well as certification options, depending on the requirements of international sports associations.


Products for Indoor Sports

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The GYM Point sports floor covering is one of the point elastic systems, with a soft surface finish, which cushions falls early and is therefore recommended for school and amateur sport with relatively lightweight athletes.

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The GYM Combi indoor floor covering has a soft, point and area elastic surface, which makes it suitable for all types of sport in schools and for amateur sports. Many disciplines, from football and hockey, to gymnastics and martial arts, can be practiced by athletes of all ages.

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The surface-elastic GYM Area sports flooring provides excellent shock-absorption values, thereby cushioning spinning, running and jumping movements over large areas. This makes it the perfect surface for activities such as basketball, dance sports or roller sports. The rubber floor covering can also be used for events.

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