Data protection information about video surveillance on our construction sites in accord-ance with Art. 13.1 GDPR

Responsible for data processing: Polytan GmbH Gewerbering 3 86666 Burgheim, Germany and Site owner
security camera
There is joint responsibility regarding data processing in relation to the construction site. The contribution of the site owner is limited solely to granting permission to set up the cameras (determining the means); Polytan GmbH is responsible for everything else.

Purposes for data processing

The purposes for data processing are determined solely by Polytan GmbH. Video surveillance is used for the following purposes:
  • To protect the materials and equipment we own on construction sites
  • To investigate thefts and security-related incidents
  • To use recordings as evidence in court and out-of-court proceedings
  • To check progress on the respective construction site and as documentation for project management

Legal basis

The legal basis for the processing of the video recordings is Art. 6.1 lit. f of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). According to this, video surveillance of company premises and company facilities is permissible to protect the legitimate interests of the company or a third party, unless the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of data subjects requiring the protection of personal data prevail. A legitimate interest arises from internal organisational and administrative purposes, to protect the company’s facilities, installations and assets, and from the company’s interest in compensation and legal action in the event of damage and criminal offences. In contrast, there is no overriding interest of the persons concerned with protecting their fundamental rights and freedoms.

Retention period or criteria for determining the retention period

Only Polytan GmbH processes the data on its systems and thus determines the retention periods. The recordings shall only be kept long enough to fulfil the aforementioned purposes. If the given purpose no longer applies, or after the given period elapses, the data is deleted in accordance with the defined deletion periods. The devices used are recorded in internal documentation, the respective retentions periods are documented in a well-founded manner, as are the access rights. The recordings are evaluated on an ad-hoc basis for events that require a relevant search. In these cases, the recordings may be transferred to lawyers, law enforcement agencies and courts or used to enforce civil claims and may also be stored for a longer period of time, depending on the duration of the proceedings.

Contact details of the Polytan GmbH data protection officer:

Datenschutzkanzlei Lenz GmbH & Co. KG Mr Sven Lenz Bahnhofstraße 50, 87435 Kempten, Germany Telephone: +49 831 930653-00, E-mail:

Transferring your data to third parties

We only transfer your personal data to third parties with an appropriate legal basis. This may include: The recordings may be transferred to law enforcement agencies as evidence for the purpose of prosecution or transferred to lawyers, agents or surveyors for the purpose of enforcing civil claims and used in court and disclosed to contractors or security services providing a service to us, including insurers and consultants, for legitimate purposes.

Reference to the respective rights of data subjects

Polytan GmbH is exclusively responsible for processing requests from data subjects to exercise their rights. You have the right to obtain information about your personal data. You can also request any incorrect data is corrected. In addition, you have the right to delete data, the right to restrict data processing and the right to data portability under certain conditions. Should you have any questions or concerns about how your personal data and information is processed, you can contact us via the company address above or the company data protection officer using the contact details above. You also have the right to contact the responsible supervisory authority for data protection. The address of the supervisory authority responsible for us is: Data Protection Authority for the German state of Bavaria (BayLDA) Promenade 27, 91522 Ansbach, Germany Telephone: +49 981 53-1300 Fax: +49 981 53-981300 The complaint form for the Data Protection Authority for the German state of Bavaria can be found at the following link: