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straight fibres

LigaTurf RS Pro II CoolPlus

  • Football
  • General information


    LigaTurf RS Pro II is the new elite product for professional football turf systems. Thanks to its intelligent yarn design and exclusive material composition, it is in a league of its own when it comes to both playing qualities and wear resistance. Our innovative ENTANGLEMENT technology helps to ensure that the filament remains soft despite the larger cross-section thickness, while also providing excellent protection against wear and tear. The optimized cross section ensures outstanding recovery capacity and makes the turf easier to maintain. The natural feel of the playing surface therefore lasts even longer without you needing to carry out any added maintenance work. The wide, two-tone filaments improve both the appearance and coverage of the turf while also keeping the level of splash to a minimum.

  • Product features

    Professional training log

    • Running and interval times
    • Distance
    • Step frequency
    • Step number

    Intelligent training

    • Analysing training level
    • Identifying performance reserves
    • Improving performance
    • Preventing injuries

    Innovative technology

    • Fabric-based measurement sensors
    • High-quality magnetic gates
    • Time measurement system built into the track
  • References


  • ENTANGLEMENT technology

  • CoolPlus function

  • BiColour

  • SharkSkin technology

  • 100 % PE formulation

  • Certifiable

  • RAL-tested

  • Resource conservation

  • Professional