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Removal & Recycling



After several tens of thousands of hours of intensive use, your synthetic turf system will need to be replaced. This is the only way to permanently guarantee the optimum playing properties of your turf. Because of this, re-tenders for sports turf pitches increasingly also include the removal of the existing turf.


In order to live up to our claim of being a responsible full-range supplier, Polytan also offers the fast and professional removal of old sports surfaces. We can remove synthetic turf from the floor on which it is installed in sections quite easily and roll it up into a compact roll which can be taken away at the same time without any problems. Sand and residual granules will be removed and separated from the turf as much as possible. The rolls of synthetic turf and the residual granules will then be reused, recycled or recovered.


Polytan can remove synthetic turf systems within just a few days, enabling your new system to be installed faster and minimising the disruption to your schedule of play.